Expertise and Methods

Method​ ​Assay
​Cell Culture
  • Isolation / cultivation of primary human macrophages from placenta
  • ​Isolation / cultivation of arterial and venous human feto placental endothelial cells
  • Isolation / cultivation of primary human first / third trimester trophoblast from placenta
  • Cell viability/ proliferation assays with CASY
​Cell Culture/ Functional Assays
  • Characterization of placental cells by immune cytochemistry and FACS
  • ​3D- Fibrin Angiogenesis assay
  • 2D- Matrigel Tube Formation assay
  • Collagen IV Angiogenesis assay 
  • Monolayer permeability assays (ECIS)
​​Molecular Biology
  • ​​Western Blot & ELISA
  • RNA / DNA isolation, cDNA transcription and qRT-PCR (TaqMan)
  • Enzymatic activity assays
  • Zymography
  • ​Pyrosequencing- Methylation Analysis
  • Comet Assay, DNA Damage ​​ELISA
  • eNOS activity assay ([3H]-L-citrulline production)
​Biochemistry - Glycans
  • Analysis of HMO by HPLC
​​Biochemistry - Proteoglycans
  • ​Proteoglycan synthesis assays (35g)
​Protein biochemistry
  • Isolation and characterization of adult and fetal LDL and HDL particles
  • FPLC (size exclusion chromography)
  • Lipid extraction for LC-MS analysis
​Biochemistry - Lipids
  • Thin layer Chromatography
  • Free fatty acid analysis, Total fatty acid analysis by GC-MS
​Placenta Perfusion
  • Examination of vasoactive properties of drugs/ substances
  • Transfer of metabolites across human placenta
  • Immunocytochemistry, Immunhistochemistry (paraffin & frozen sections)
  • HOPE and FFPE
  • Immunoflurescence
  • Multimarker Staining
​​Protein Analysis
  • ​Bioplex Phosphoprotein Detection